NEW in Talkler – Email for your Ears.

Drowning in email?
The only heads-up, hands-off, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email app.
Safety and productivity. Behind the wheel. At home. On the go. 

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NEW: Introducing Talkler QuickConnect™

Easiest Way to Connect to Almost Any Email Service

Simply enter your email + password — Talkler QuickConnect enters the rest. Hosted Exchange*, custom domains (like, IMAP & POP… Almost any email service. No more searching for long server addresses, port numbers, etc.


*Talkler connects with Hosted Exchange for lots of popular services —
like Network Solutions or GoDaddy. (ActiveSync is not yet supported.)


NEW: Connect with Microsoft Exchange™

You asked. We listened. Talkler 1.1 connects with Hosted Exchange.

Talkler connects with Exchange + Office 

Now in Talkler 1.1 you can connect with most popular Hosted Exchange services like Network Solutions and GoDaddy. Download the NEW Talkler and give it a try. And of course, Talkler still supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, AOL. And any IMAP or POP. And custom-domain emails.


Talkler listens.

Talkler responds to voice commandsTalkler has 20/20 hearing. To get Talkler’s attention, just say “Hey, Talkler.” Tell Talkler what you want — like “Play my emails” or “Skip to the next email” or “Reply to this email” or “Mark Unread” or “Delete this email.”

Talkler is always listening for your spoken commands. Say, “Hey, Talkler” whenever the app is active. Truly eyes-free and hands-off. For productivity and safety.

And Talkler recognizes dozens of voice commands: “Hey, Talkler: Check for new mail. Show only unread emails. Play the previous message. Jump forward a bit. What was that? Restart this email. Pause reading. Return to the Inbox. What are my options? Go to sleep…” And many more.


Talkler speaks.

“You have 24 unread emails. The first email is from…” Talkler reads your emails aloud to you. Like a trusted friend,
Talkler tells you about your inbox… Reads the messages you want… Skips emails on command. “Hey, Talkler: Read the next one.” Talkler reads your emails aloud in plain EnglishTalkler even speaks at any pace YOU wish — “Hey, Talkler: Speak more quickly.”

And Talkler translates email to Plain English. No gobbledygook. Simplifies URLs, abbreviations… For easy-to-follow reading aloud. But Talkler’s never a loud mouth. Proximity sensor-aware for Raise-to-Ear Privacy Mode™ — darkens the screen + automatically speaks at the right volume for privacy. 


Talkler Teleprompter™

Auto-scrolling text onscreen is always in sync with Talkler's voiceDidn’t catch that last word? No worries. Talkler Teleprompter has you covered. Auto-scrolling text onscreen is always in sync with Talkler’s voice.

High-contrast, oversized type is easy to read from a distance.

Patent pending technology ensures that voice + text are always perfectly, smoothly timed. Perfect for at-a-glance confirmation of that last word.

As easy as glancing at the speedometer.™


Talkler TapAnywhere™

As easy as your turn signal.™ Never take your eyes off what matters. Talkler TapAnywhere onscreen gestures work about anywhere. No searching for tiny buttons. TapAnywhere to pause and resume playback of your emails. Swipe left or right anywhere to skip to the next email. Pinch anywhere to delete.

Onscreen gestures that work wherever your finger lands. Truly heads-up.


Meet Talkler. Watch the Video.


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