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January 2014:
Overview, Background Info, 
Useful Stats, Feature List

Boston, MA (January 2014) — All the basics in one place — for Media and Press. Convenient overview, background info, cited statistics, and key features. Jumpstart your piece with this authoritative reference.

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August 5, 2013:
 If You’re Drowning in Email,
Talkler Can Help

Boston, MA (Aug 5, 2013) — “Talkler – Email for your Ears” helps busy people who are drowning in email to stay productive and safe. This free smartphone app offers heads-up, voice-controlled, reads-aloud-to-you email on your mobile device, and connects with almost any email service. Simply say, “Hey, Talkler” to get the app’s attention, and then use your voice to breeze through emails, listen to messages and manage your inbox. Download free: 
A True Game-Changer:  Spotlighted by Apple as an international Top 10 Productivity app, Talkler is the only app of any kind that handles email with voice control and eyes-free gestures. It uses advanced text-to-speech technology to read emails aloud in plain English [...]

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January 4, 2013:
“Look, ma — no hands!”
New app “Talkler” launches;
offers heads-up, hands-off, 
voice-controlled email

Boston, MA (January 4, 2013)– Talkler Labs LLC ( has announced the launch of “Talkler — Email for your Ears” – a free smartphone app that helps users climb out from under their daily avalanche of email. It offers heads-up, hands-off, voice-activated, reads-aloud-to-you email management that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The voice trigger “Hey Talkler” gets the app’s attention and gives the user access to more than 36 voice commands. 
Email Overload. According to Boomerang, the average business email user receives 147 emails a day [...]

Download Jan 4 2013 Media Release (PDF 135kb)


 Additional Background:
The Basics, The Tech,
The Team, The Business

The Basics: Talkler is the only true heads-up email solution of its kind — find out what sets this app apart from all the rest. The Tech: Talkler is packed with new technology and innovations (patents pending) that make it best-of-breed — read the concise summary. The Team: Learn who’s on this small, energetic team of inventors, designers, developers and technology partners. The Business: One-page synopsis of how Talkler Labs’ business model is structured to satisfy a hungry marketplace that’s demanding a real solution to email overload. [...]

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+ Latest Media Release 

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Talkler's Media Coverage

“A true game-changer! Definitely give it a try.”
From Cult of Mac


“5 stars: * * * * * “
CNET likes Talkler
“Say, ‘Hey, Talkler!’ Make email more accessible to blind or visually impaired,
or commuters seeking hands-free email access… Faster and more secure.”
From January 31, 2013 
“Great example of voice recognition… Easy to download and set up.”
From February 2, 2013 


“Best text-to-speech app.”
From Daniel Lebo, The Street


“Ideal for users who want to take control of their email inboxes 
while driving, running, cooking, or being busy with practically anything.”
From App Advice


“Innovative… Easy to navigate and operate.
The developers have done an excellent job with Talkler’s speech.
Their dedication to accessibility is to be commended.”
From AccessWorld 


“Want your email read to you by your iPhone?
You can forget about Siri. Talk instead to Talkler.”
From All App News 


“It’s a great innovation.”
From Gear Diary


“The only app for voice-controlled email.”
From AppleVis


“Ever wanted to check your email in your car? Now you can with Talkler.”
From eWallStreeter


“Sophisticated voice recognition and text-to-speech technology…”
From Geek Chunk


“Shocked that Siri can’t do this… Highly recommend this app.”
From iOS Lawyer


“I don’t have to take my eyes off the road for even a second.”
From TechCat 


From Appsterpiece


“Unmatched by any other email or speech-only solution.”
From Tech Investor News


“Easy to add an email account like Google or Yahoo.”
From WuzAPPenin


“5 Apps That Will Make You a Safer Driver”
“Talkler is quite the listener… The ultimate personal assistant
every time you drive… COOL features.”
Insurance Quotes 


“Awesome! [Custom voice speeds…] That’s big.
Consume emails faster!”
From Geek News Central, video interview, Jan 10, 2013
at CES 2013 — Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

Talkler Makes the List of Top 5 Driver Safety Apps

Desiree Baughman of writes: “Talkler is quite the listener… The ultimate personal assistant by your side every time you drive… COOL features.”

Only a small handful of smartphone apps are actually making drivers safer. Talkler earns high marks in this article on the latest technologies that keep driver safety in mind. Read the article »

Harvard Business Review Warns of
Email Overload Epidemic

Harvard Business Review warns readers of the dangers of Email Overload as a growing business epidemic. Busy professionals more and more complain of spending the “whole day responding to incoming messages.” A pair of HBR pieces focus on the problem:

Read Stop Email Overload »

Read Coping with Email Overload »

Dr. Yoon Kim Introduces Talkler to Industry Insiders at GigaOM Conference

September 20, 2012, San Francisco — Dr. Yoon Kim, PhD, introduced Talkler to industry insiders at GigaOM’s Mobilize Event in San Francisco on September 20. Dr. Kim is the CEO of Novauris, the developer of state-of-the-industry speech recognition technology.

Dr. Kim spoke at the opening event of the conference, and introduced Talkler as an excellent example of the practical uses of Novauris’ voice control innovations, and,in particular, how Talkler takes advantage of multimodal interface design. Full Press Release »

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