5 Apps That Will Make You a Safer Driver

Desiree Baughman of InsuranceQuotes.org writes that Talkler is “quite the listener… The ultimate personal assistant by your side every time you drive… COOL features.” 

Talkler excerpt

Siri Talkler Teleprompter Screen + Michas some competition in some respects, and Talkler is quite the listener (and the ultimate personal assistant by your side every time you drive).

Talkler is the ONLY voice-powered email app that’s absolutely free. It’s completely hands off, and will read your emails and messages directly to you while driving. A voice powered email app, you just simply say ‘Hey, Talkler’ and its activated. You can then tell the app to play your messages, including features like ‘skip to next email’ or ‘delete this email.’ You can even reply to emails by voice.

Better yet, you don’t have to suffer through the torturous, slow, electronic voices some apps have. If you want Talkler to talk more like a New Yorker, just tell it to speed up and it will follow your command. You can easily speed Talkler’s ‘voices’ up or down until you’ve met your preference.

Talkler also has two other cool features—the Talkler Teleprompter and Talkler TapAnywhere. The Teleprompter would help if, for example, you didn’t understand the last word you heard. There will be auto-scrolling text on the screen that’s synced up with Talkler’s ‘voice’ and you can read the oversized, high-contrast screen with a quick glance—although you should of course try to keep this to a minimum.

Talkler TapAnywhere, which Talkler calls ‘as easy as your turn signal,’ makes sure you never take your eyes away from the road and puts the power in your hands—literally. TapAnywhere utilizes onscreen gestures that function almost everywhere and totally eliminates little buttons, allows you to tap to pause or play something, tap a second time to resume a message, and will even move from email message to email message just by ‘swiping’ it anywhere on the screen.

By Desiree Baughman. InsuranceQuotes.org. Originally published September 17, 2012. Reprinted by permission. 

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