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Thanks for the love. We appreciate all the people talking about Talkler.

“A true game-changer! Definitely give it a try.”
From Cult of Mac


“5 stars: * * * * * “
CNET likes Talkler
“Say, ‘Hey, Talkler!’ Make email more accessible to blind or visually impaired,
or commuters seeking hands-free email access… Faster and more secure.”
From January 31, 2013 
“Great example of voice recognition… Easy to download and set up.”
From February 2, 2013 


“Best text-to-speech app.”
From Daniel Lebo, The Street


“Ideal for users who want to take control of their email inboxes 
while driving, running, cooking, or being busy with practically anything.”
From App Advice


“Innovative… Easy to navigate and operate.
The developers have done an excellent job with Talkler’s speech.
Their dedication to accessibility is to be commended.”
From AccessWorld 


“Want your email read to you by your iPhone?
You can forget about Siri. Talk instead to Talkler.”
From All App News 


“It’s a great innovation.”
From Gear Diary


“The only app for voice-controlled email.”
From AppleVis


“Ever wanted to check your email in your car? Now you can with Talkler.”
From eWallStreeter


“Sophisticated voice recognition and text-to-speech technology…”
From Geek Chunk


“Shocked that Siri can’t do this… Highly recommend this app.”
From iOS Lawyer


“I don’t have to take my eyes off the road for even a second.”
From TechCat 


From Appsterpiece


“Unmatched by any other email or speech-only solution.”
From Tech Investor News


“Easy to add an email account like Google or Yahoo.”
From WuzAPPenin


“5 Apps That Will Make You a Safer Driver”
“Talkler is quite the listener… The ultimate personal assistant
every time you drive… COOL features.”
Insurance Quotes 


“Awesome! [Custom voice speeds…] That’s big.
Consume emails faster!”
From Geek News Central, video interview, Jan 10, 2013
at CES 2013 — Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas