Talkler’s Premium Demographic

Talkler users are mature professionals, automobile owners,
purchasing decision-makers, with high discretionary income.

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Mature Audience

Talkler Users are Mature ProfessionalsTalkler users skew mature — 40 and up typically. They’ve achieved a certain status.

They’re more likely to have a family and own a home. Perfect for:

• Insurance: Health, Life, Auto, Home
• Home: Security, Insurance, Improvement
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Business Professionals + Commuters

Talkler appeals to busy professionals who rely on their inboxes. They’re car owners who commute, without a second to waste stuck in traffic. Perfect for: Auto Insurance, Auto Warranty, Auto Finance. More on Talkler Verticals »

Experienced + Career-Focused

Talkler users are experienced professionals, focused on advancing their careers. They appreciate the value of an MBA or Online Education. More on Talkler Verticals »

Purchasing Decision-Makers

Talkler users have more discretionary income, and are more likely to be Purchasing Decision-Makers.

They’re busy professionals, drowning in email.

So they engage with marketing messages that can help them save money, save time, and live better.

No risk. No minimum. No reason to wait.

Competitive pricing. Accurate and targeted. NeverBogus™ Opt-In leads.

Tap into the Talkler leadstream today: LEADS@TALKLER.COM
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