FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Talkler - Email for your Ears?

Talkler – Email for your Ears is the heads-up, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled productivity app for your smartphone. With Talkler, you can manage your email inbox eyes-free and hands-free. Just say, “Hey, Talkler… Play the next email. Mark Unread. Delete.”

Can I get 1-to-1 tech support?

You bet. Visit our FREE Talkler Help to get the most from Talkler, and submit your request for 1-to-1 support.

What is Talkler QuickConnect™?

Talkler QuickConnect makes connecting your email account easier than ever. No tricky servers or ports to enter. Simply add your email and password. That’s it. Talkler does the rest.

Is Talkler private and secure?

Yes. Talkler is actually more secure than Siri and other cloud-based speech apps. Other apps send every utterance up to the cloud for interpreting, and then receive the results back from the cloud. These round trips can be intercepted and hacked. Talkler does all its voice recognition right on your device, for enhanced security and privacy. In addition, we can’t see your emails, passwords, or any other private data.

Does Talkler work with Microsoft Exchange?

Yes, Talkler now connects well with Hosted Exchange providers (example@xyzcompany.com), like Outlook.com, Office365.com, GoDaddy.com, NetworkSolutions.com… Talkler also works with in-house Exchange (hosted by your own organization) if IMAP and SMTP are opened. (Ask your system administrator for correct email server settings.) NOTE: Talkler does not yet support ActiveSync™ protocols. (We’re working on it, though!)

What other services does Talkler work with?

Talkler supports most email services: Branded email services, like example@gmail.com or example@yahoo.com. Custom-domain email services, such as example@mydomain.com. Hosted Exchange services (example@xyzcompany.com), like Outlook.com or Office365.com. In-house Exchange setups (hosted by your own organization) via Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync, or if IMAP and SMTP are open. ANY standard IMAP or POP email service. More »

Does Talkler work with Bluetooth?

Yes. Talkler works with all in-ear and in-car standard Bluetooth® systems. More info on routing audio to Bluetooth and other audio sources.

IMAP, POP, SMTP, ActiveSync — what are they?

They’re all different email protocols (email “languages”). IMAP is the most popular for incoming emails. POP (or “POP3″) is an older protocol. SMTP is the most common for outgoing (sending) emails. ActiveSync is proprietary to Microsoft Exchange (sometimes referred to as “Outlook”). Talkler currently supports IMAP, POP and SMTP. More »

Is Talkler truly free?

Yes, Talkler is completely free, thanks to our sponsors. You get all of Talkler’s features — unlimited use, never any charge.

How do I listen to emails without ads?

Simply upgrade to Talkler PRO™. Launch the Talkler app, and go to Settings > Upgrade to Talkler PRO™. 

How can I tell if I'm using ActiveSync settings or IMAP settings?

The settings and login info for ActiveSync look different from those for IMAP (and POP and SMTP). Some Talkler users mistakenly try to connect to their Exchange email using ActiveSync-style settings. The first sign that you’re using ActiveSync settings is your username will contain a \ backslash in it. There are other signs »

Is Talkler legal in the car?

Talkler is hands-free and eyes-free. With headphones or in-car Bluetooth systems, you can even leave your phone out of sight and out of harm’s way. Using Talkler should not be a visual distraction. Of course, you should check your local laws. But Talkler is still the best way to stay productive and safe on the road. #TalklerCares

Is Talkler available on Android?

No, not yet. We’re eager to share Talkler – Email for your Ears with everyone who wants it. And we frequently hear from Talkler fans who want an Android version. So we know there are lots of you out there! We’re working toward porting Talkler to Android. Worth noting: We don’t disclose Talkler timelines, but it’s safe to say that Talkler for Android is a high priority inside Talkler HQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll cover your most common questions here. But if you can’t find the answers you need, feel free to get in touch: hey@talkler.com or visit Talkler Help »