Harvard Business Review Warns of
Email Overload Epidemic

Harvard Business Review warns readers of the dangers of Email Overload as a growing business epidemic. Busy professionals more and more complain of spending the “whole day responding to incoming messages.” A pair of HBR pieces focus on the problem.

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Stop Email Overload

“Complaints about email abound. Perhaps you’ve heard some of these or uttered them in pain yourself: I receive hundreds of emails a day. I can spend my whole day responding to incoming messages. I can’t find anything in my inbox. In response, some companies are taking drastic steps to help workers manage the number of messages they receive…”

This excellent piece by Amy Gallo covers:

  • What the experts say
  • Recognize it’s not really about email
  • Control your flow
  • Clear out your inbox and keep it clean
  • Be careful with rules
  • Take an occasional break
  • Principles to remember

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Coping with Email Overload

“A few weeks ago, I returned from a week-long technology-free vacation with my family. No computer, no phone, no email.

When I got to the office and checked my computer, I had hundreds of email messages waiting for me. I took a deep breath and started in on them. Three hours later, my inbox — a week’s worth of messages — was empty.

Contrast that with my experience the next day, and each day after that, when I’ve spent well more than three hours each day on email. Some of that time involved back-and-forth emailing, but still, the difference is dramatic…”

This compelling first-person post by Peter Bregman takes an honest look at some of the traps that keep us in a state of Email Overload.

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