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Talkler’s verticals are targeted to its Premium users: Affluent, mobile, mature, purchasing decision-makers with high discretionary income.

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Insurance: Health, Home, Life, Auto

Health Insurance - Talkler LeadsHome Insurance - Talkler LeadsLife Insurance - Talkler LeadsAuto Insurance - Talkler Leads

Insurance is a natural fit with Talkler’s “trusted voice” brand. Talkler’s Text-to-Speech delivers each user’s mission-critical messages from customers, clients, bosses… When those same voices deliver important recommendations on insurance, users pay attention and take action.

Automotive: Warranty, Insurance, Sales

Auto Warranty - Talkler LeadsAuto Insurance - Talkler LeadsAuto Sales - Talkler Leads

Talkler users are Drivers — the mobile app is designed for heads-up Productivity and Driver Safety. Most Talkler app users manage their messages from behind the wheel. So automotive verticals are always a perfect fit.

Home: Mortgage, Insurance, Security & Alarm

Home Mortgage - Talkler LeadsHome Insurance - Talkler LeadsHome Security and Alarms - Talkler Leads

Talkler app users are more affluent, and more users are homeowners — interested in financing, refinancing, insuring and securing their homes. Talkler demographics »

Online MBA and EDU

Online MBA and EDU - Talkler Leads

Talkler users are professionals. And career advancement is top-of-mind for many — especially at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes.

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