Sending Diagnostic Logs (Exchange)

Talkler enables you to send a diagnostic log from within the app, to help make connections with EAS accounts. For security, any EAS authentication passwords are removed from the log.

How to send a diagnostic log

To send a diagnostic log, look for the “Send Diagnostic Logs (Exchange)” button:

Talkler > Settings > Send Diagnostic Logs (Exchange)


Talkler > Settings > Email Accounts > email account in question… > Send Diagnostic Logs (Exchange)

Create a Talkler Help ticket after sending a Log

After sending a Diagnostic Log from inside the Talkler app, create a Talkler Help ticket so that the Talkler Help Team can help you. In the Talkler Help ticket, explain what problem you are trying to solve, in as much detail as possible.

To create a Talkler Help ticket, send an email to or visit:

For Exchange users

This feature only produces meaningful diagnostic information for those users who are attempting to connect with Exchange email accounts.

IMAP and POP users will only generate empty logs.