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Only Talkler delivers NeverBogus™ OPT-IN leads.
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Talkler Leads - NeverBogus Opt-In Leads

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You've never seen a mobile app deliver
fresher, more accurate, better qualified leads.

Talkler is a mobile app with audio ads (like radio ads). After an ad plays, interested users say Yes to hearing from you.

No forms to fill — we collect users’ NeverBogus™ data during signup. You get accurate data that’s Certified InstantlyFresh™ — for targeted customers ASKING to be contacted — phone or email. 

• Home Security & Alarm Systems
• Mortgage & Debt Management
• Online MBA and EDU
• Automotive — Sales & Warranty
• Insurance — Auto, Health, Life, Home
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Competitive pricing. No minimum order. Accurate, high-quality Opt-In leads.

The Talkler NeverBogus Edge™

Talkler's NeverBogus EdgeTalkler’s a Mobile Email app. Targeted to professional users.

Users register their true email accounts and actual names to handle mission-critical messages.

Always real and accurate.

They’d be checking an empty inbox, 
if they weren’t 100% REAL!


Users enter their info when they start using the app.

Convenient for users. NeverBogus™ for lead buyers.

Certified InstantlyFresh™

Talkler's a mobile email app - user's just say Hey Talkler... Send me details!Talkler Opt-In is fast. User data’s already on file — so no forms to fill.

Interested users say “Yes” to hearing from you — with a simple voice command.

Users instantly get an email with details + follow-up link and call-in number.

YOU get Certified InstantlyFresh™
Opt-In user data:

NeverBogus Name. NeverBogus Email. Unspoofable Location, ZIP Code, IP Address.

Call-Back Phone Number, plus Best Time to Call. #1 Reason for Request. And more.

No risk. No minimum. No reason to wait.

Competitive pricing. Accurate and targeted. NeverBogus™ Opt-In leads.

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Talkler Leads - NeverBogus Opt-In Leads