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Talkler is the free smartphone app for heads-up, hands-off, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email. We want to share with you some other gadgets and devices we like.

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iPhone Stuff - Apple Glass

Apple’s answer to Google Glass. But is it compatible with iPhone 5?


iPhone Stuff - iWatch



iPhone Stuff - iWatch

iWatch: Talkler on your wrist?


iPhone Stuff - Stand

Stands – Etsy Accessories for iPhone


iPhone Stuff - Car Stand
Nillkin Windshield Car Mount Holder Suction Cradle for iPhone 5


iPhone Stuff - Alarm Clock
“Turn your iPhone into a full-on alarm clock using nothing but a hunk of wood with the Areaware Alarm Dock” (Uncrate)


iPhone Stuff - Windshield Mount

Stand + Windshield Mount. Only $5. Genius!


iPhone Stuff - Phone in a Glass

Put your phone in a glass to make the music loud enough to fill the room..


iPhone Stuff - Magic Reader

MagicReader. It sees you shaking your head, and responds!


iPhone Stuff - Solar Window Charger
Fancy – Solar Window Charger by XD Design $70


iPhone Stuff - Hoodie iPhone Case

Hoodie iPhone Case


iPhone Stuff - Camera Lenses

iPhone Camera Lenses