Pinterest + Is this YOUR email inbox??

Talkler – Email for your Ears, is the free smartphone app for heads-up, hands-off, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email.

Talkler wants to know what YOUR email inbox looks like. If you come across a picture that reminds you of your own email inbox, please share it with us. Tweet us your picture @Talkler with the hashtag #MyInbox or Pin one up on our Pinterest board.


Email Inbox - Snow

Digging out is hard work!


Email Inbox - Drowning

DROWNING in email! Great NYTimes article: When E-Mail Turns From Delight to Deluge


Email Inbox - Bookshelf

I wish my EMAIL Inbox looked like this!


Your Inbox - Kitchen

Looks like my email inbox on a Monday morning…


email Inbox - Overload

Here is some serious email overload for you. This person might want to #StartTalkling