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With Talkler EXCHANGE™ you get the productivity of Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync / Outlook. For ALL your business email. One easy upgrade. Only $2.99. 

Upgrade to Talkler PRO

With Talkler PRO™ you get 100% email productivity, with 0% ads. For power users who need maximum productivity + convenience. Starting at just $1.65.

Upgrading is easy.

Simply go to the Talkler app > tap Settings > tap Upgrade (at the bottom of the Basic Settings screen).

Questions about upgrading? At Talkler Help, we’re always happy to Help.

Talkler EXCHANGE is FREE for the first 14 days of Exchange ActiveSync service. Then just $2.99 per device.

Talkler PRO is only $1.99/month. Or get two free months when you upgrade for 1 year for $19.99. ($1.65/month).