How Google’s Recent Policy Change Affects Gmail Users

Keep Calm and Talkler On with Gmail Google recently changed its security policy for Gmail, by disabling Basic Authentication for some users, and requiring by default a protocol called “OAuth 2.0.” As a result, certain Gmail users will be unable to log into their accounts from some email clients.

Who’s affected? This change affects certain users of free Gmail services — specifically those who have brand new accounts, or haven’t synced their accounts in the last 30 days. It does not affect users of Google Apps, Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work.

If you’re one of the affected Talkler/Gmail users, you may receive an email from Google that a sign-in attempt was blocked. Or you may see an error message from Talkler when trying to set up your Gmail account.

The Good News: The fix is quite easy. If you do have problems connecting to your Gmail, you simply need to re-enable Basic Authentication for your Gmail account. Here’s how:

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