“Send Me Details” + Sponsored Messages

Talkler is still fairly new to the world. We are refining how Sponsored Messages work. We’re excited to continue improving! If you have any feedback or need help, please contact us at Talkler Help.

How It Works

Talkler is free to download and use, thanks to our Sponsors. After several emails, you may hear a Sponsored Message (or a Talkler Tip, or a Talkler PRO Upgrade Message). Depending upon various factors, you may hear ads more or less frequently, and you may hear more of one kind of message or another.

If you respond to a Sponsored Message or Talkler Tip by saying or tapping “Send Me Details,” then Talkler or the Sponsor will send you an email with details about the sponsored message or tip.


When you ask a Sponsor to email you offer details using Talkler, the Sponsor receives your email address so that they can contact you with your requested info. Some Sponsors may contact you again at the email you provided them. If you don’t wish to be contacted by a Sponsor any further, simply follow these two steps: (1) Ask the Sponsor to remove you from their lists (usually via the “unsubscribe” link from any later emails the Sponsor may send). (2) Don’t request offer details again from the Sponsor in question.

Note: Talkler does not manage the email lists of its Sponsors. Talkler may, however, separately maintain its own lists of interested users. All messages sent from Talkler’s own opt-in lists will carry a clear Unsubscribe link, should you ever wish to be removed from a Talkler list.