Talkler has 20/20 hearing. To get Talkler’s attention, just say “Hey, Talkler.” Tell Talkler what you want — like “Play my emails” or “Skip to the next email” or “Reply to this email” or “Delete this email.” Talkler is always listening for your spoken commands. Truly hands-off.

“You have 24 unread emails. The first email is from…” Talkler reads your emails aloud to you. Like a trusted friend, Talkler tells you about your inbox… Reads the messages you want… Skips emails on command — “Hey, Talkler: Read the next one.” Talkler even speaks at any pace YOU wish — “Hey, Talkler: Speak more quickly.”

Didn’t catch that last word? No worries. Talkler Teleprompter has you covered. Auto-scrolling text onscreen is always in sync with Talkler’s voice. High-contrast, oversized type is easy to read from a distance. So you can glance at the screen, as easy as glancing at a speedometer.

As easy as your turn signal.™ Never take your eyes off what matters. Talkler TapAnywhere onscreen gestures work about anywhere. No searching for tiny buttons. TapAnywhere to pause and resume playback of your emails. Swipe anywhere to skip to the next email. Pinch anywhere to delete. Truly heads-up.

Easiest email setup ever. Simply enter your email + password — Talkler 1.4 with QuickConnect does the rest. No more searching for tricky server addresses or port numbers. QuickConnect looks them up + enters them for you. Almost any email service, even custom domains. Download Talkler for FREE to get “Talkling” now.

Talkler Updates

You asked. We listened.
NEW Talkler QuickConnect +
NEW Hosted Exchange.

Recorded Email Replies

Easy as voicemail. Just record & send. Emails attached MP3.

Eyes-Free Gestures

TapAnywhere™ taps and swipes work wherever your finger lands.

Oversized Text

Designed for at-a-glance ease. High-contrast and readable at a distance.

Talkler Just Understands

No memorizing the ‘right’ way to say it. Just say what you want. Talkler gets it.

Custom Speaking Speed

‘Hey, Talkler: Speak faster.’ ‘Speak more slowly.’ Find the perfect balance for you.


Works with wireless headsets, built-in and aftermarket car Bluetooth systems. Brilliant with wired headsets, too.

Talkler QuickConnect™

Enter your email + password. Talkler does the rest. No tricky server addresses or ports.

Zero Typos

Records every inflection. No proofing. No typos to correct.

Pinch to Delete

Just ‘pinch’ anywhere onscreen to delete an email. Heads-up and eyes-free.

More Secure

Speech recognition right on the phone isn’t vulnerable to hacks from round trips to the Cloud.


Accelerometer-aware. Like tapping Talkler on the shoulder. How’s that for attentive?

Custom Voice Pitch

Prefer a Baritone to a Tenor? Talkler’s voices are always music to your ears.

Synchronized Auto-Scroll

Talkler Teleprompter™ ensures voice and text are always in sync. Perfect at-a-glance confirmation of that last word.

Exchange + Outlook

Connect your company email. Exchange, ActiveSync, Outlook, custom company domains.

Absolutely FREE

Free to download. Free to use. For anyone.

Talkler PRO

For serious email users, upgrade to the ad-free Talkler experience.

Hands-Off Voice Commands

Keep your eyes where they belong. ‘Hey, Talkler: Read my email. Record a reply. Delete.’

Proximity Sensor Aware

Raise-to-Ear mode for privacy. Just like a phone conversation, with your inbox.

Plain English TTS

No gobbledygook. Simplifies URLs, abbreviations… For easy-to-follow reading aloud.

Beautifully Designed

You might not spend much time actually looking at Talkler. But you’ll like what you see when you do.